Residence 5: Vienna

5–12 May 2016

The fifth residency will be held for the second time at the Gemäldegalerie der Akadamie der bildenden Künste in Vienna, hosted by D.ID Dance Identity. Under the motto “Seeing with the eyes in the Body“, five choreographers and a video artist attempt to break the norms in viewing paintings and works of art, looking for ways to de-code behaviour patterns in museums.


Building on knowledge from the previous residencies, the choreographers Dante Murillo, Lucy Suggate, Fabio Novembrini, Connor Schumacher and Tatiana Julien and video artist Max Biskup, are seeking to disperse the barriers between public, artists and art. Using techniques developed specifically for the Dancing Museums project, they will apply the knowledge gathered to induce the awareness in us all, of seeing through alternative options using Body and Film. The research takes place daily during the residency in the Painting Rooms of the Gallery and offers the public insight to the process.




Public presentation:
12 May 2016, 4pm -6pm,
Aula & Gemäldegalerie der Akadamie

The public sharing will begin in the Aula at the Akadamie with a lecture “Art and the perceptive Body“ by Diane Shooman phD. This will be followed at 4.30pm by a Danced Guided Tour beginning in the Aula, leading the public to the Painting Rooms and beyond.




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