Residence 4: Vitry-sur-Seine & Paris

13–20 March 2016

The fourth residency, hosted by La Briqueterie, will take place in two museums, Le Louvre in Paris and the Mac Val in Vitry-sur-Seine.


In the week leading up to the residency, French dance artist Tatiana Julien will work with 12 dance amateurs – selected out of nearly 40 that had applied to an open call – and a group of students from the Ecole du Louvre. In Prière de ne pas detruire (Please do not destroy), the team will explore the value of arts as source of collective imagination and trigger of transformation. Can dance revitalise a deep sense of communion in our relationship to the artworks and the world?


After this initial work week at the Mac Val contemporary arts museum, international artists Fabio Novembrini, Connor Schumacher, Dante Murillo and Lucy Suggate will join the team and continue working at the department of Near East Antiquities of the Louvre. They will working in relation to a piece that belongs to the cultural heritage of Mesopotamia, today’s Iraq and Syria. The artistic team will be accompanied by Bertrand Guerry and Thibaut Ras (video makers), Marie Pons (documentarist) and Rebecca Dutkiewicz (student of the Ecole du Louvre who will be leading an audience survey as part of her wider research).



Public presentation: 18th March 2016,
7-9.30pm, Department of Near Eastern Antiquities, Louvre

The culmination of the research will be a public presentation showing the work of the five artists carried out together with the dance amateurs and the students of the Ecole du Louvre.


Panel discussion: 19 March 2015,
2-4pm, Auditorium/Mac Val Museum

“The collective body – what boundaries between spectator and creator?” – Looking at examples of public engagement in dance and live performance resulting from the practices and experiences of artists, programmers and museums’ educational departments both in France and abroad.



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